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7YRDS Deconservice is the first and largest German exclusive decontamination center for cleaning and maintenance of personal protective equipment. Whether protective suits, helmets, gloves, boots or respirators – our cleaning procedures and maintenance processes meet the highest cleanliness standards as well as all regulations and requirements, such as of the GefStoffV.

Textilreinigung ECKHARDT is a cleaning company specialising in fire brigade protective clothing and rescue service clothing with a company history of more than 150 years at its location in Oldenburg.

With more than 40 employees at both locations, we are the largest provider of professional cleaning and care of protective firefighter clothing in Germany.


Our mission

A look at current practice in Germany clearly shows that the legal standards have not yet been met by using conventional cleaning methods.

However, sanctions were often not imposed. We offer workers sustainable and effective protection through legally compliant cleaning procedures. At the same time, we also protect the environment.

Legal basis

There is also a legal framework for task forces. The legal framework is mandatory for municipalities that maintain professional fire departments and volunteer fire departments, just as it is for operators of company fire departments. The protection of firefighters is always in the foreground and must be comprehensively ensured. Violations of the statutory duties to protect can have serious consequences.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act applies to the firefighters of professional and plant fire departments. It comprehensively obligates fire department operators to prevent work-related accidents and health hazards. The LCO2 washing process has a special significance in the Occupational Safety and Health Act.


150 years of innovation

7YRDS Deconservice and Textilreinigung ECKHARDT share the same passion for fully decontaminated and disinfected workwear – for the safety of the emergency services – anytime, anywhere.

Find out more about the history of the companies here.

Researched by Nasa

LCO2 technology as a washing technique was first researched and used by NASA. It was originally used to decontaminate astronaut equipment after missions in space using liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2).


proven, environmentally friendly, economical

When it comes to selecting effective cleaning processes to meet regulatory requirements for firefighters' PPE, LCO2-technology represents the applicable state of the art. The technology was originally developed by NASA to decontaminate protective suits and equipment after use in space. The cleaning process used by 7YRDS Deconservice and the Textilreinigung ECKARDT also uses carbon dioxide in its liquid phase as a solvent. For this purpose, it is compressed and liquefied under a pressure of up to 50 bar.

effective and gentle on the material

Compressed carbon dioxide has a high dissolving power. LCO2 is non-polar, with low density and low viscosity. It penetrates through the membrane of the protective equipment without damaging the material. This makes the process far more effective than all previous water-based cleaning methods, which cannot penetrate the membrane.

compliance with legal requirements

The LCO2 technology we use thus frees the PPE from all chemical, physical and biological hazardous substances. This means that all legally regulated pollutant limits of the GefStoffV, the REACH regulation and other legal requirements are fully complied with.


With liquid CO2 (LCO2), clothing contaminated by pollutants is cleaned much more effectively than with all other water-based cleaning processes. This ultimately guarantees the LCO2washing process ensures compliance with the statutory pollutant limits. Our all-round service takes all the work off your hands.


At the end of the cleaning process with LCO2 only the pollutants removed from the PPE are disposed of properly. The liquid CO2 is fed back into the purification cycle. The use of 7YRDS' self-produced green electricity at our sites makes our process the most environmentally friendly cleaning process in Europe.


The temperature during the LCO2 purification process is constantly about 15 degrees Celsius. Our material-friendly processes ensure the lowest possible mechanical stress on the PPE to be cleaned. In this way, the cleaning technology we use guarantees maximum longevity and investment security for your personal protective equipment.

Safety is crucial

Cross-­industry expertise

Learn more about the cleaning and decontamination services, about the logistics and the complete all-round service of the group of companies 7YRDS Deconservice and Textilreinigung ECKHARDT first hand.

Here, customers as well as the company management itself have their say and report on their experiences and demands on the professional cleaning of protective clothing.

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