5 questions for
Michael Wernecke, Managing Director,
and Michaele Wernecke, Operations Manager


Hello Mr. and Mrs. Wernecke, you are the managing director and operations manager of Eckhardt Textile Cleaning in Oldenburg. For a few weeks now you have been working with your new partner, 7YRDS Deconservice from Goch (NRW).

What were the reasons for you to start this collaboration?

We can offer our customers the highest level of service for the decontamination of their emergency clothing, which is unique in Germany. A combination of our excellent washing processes and LCO2 technology offers our customers maximum health protection, but also maximum legal certainty.


What are the main areas of textile cleaning in your company?

The focus is clearly on the processing of firefighting protective suits and rescue service clothing. This service is particularly appreciated by the Hamburg Fire Department, the Bremen Fire Department and a large number of fire and rescue services around Oldenburg.

After all, firefighters don't just wear protective jackets and pants for their personal protection.

Can other, personal equipment or special protective suits be cleaned as well?

Basically, all protective clothing equipment, such as helmets, boots, and flame hoods, can, and should, be cleaned and decontaminated, i.e., any firefighter equipment that becomes contaminated in the field.

For so-called CSA (chemical protective suits) we have a special cleaning machine so that this equipment can also be completely decontaminated.


A question specifically about the ambulance service. What are the special requirements of these customers for your laundry?

Emergency services personnel come into contact with a wide range of possible soiling of their operational clothing. Here, disinfecting washing, adherence to deadlines and contact persons who are always available are required on the part of our company in order to immediately implement problems or change requests from our customers if necessary.


What are the benefits of additional LCO2 decontamination for your fire and rescue service customers?

Maximum health protection of the wearer, maximum legal security of the employer and supervisor and maximum protection of the clothing. There is technically no better solution for decontamination.


How do you ensure the logistics of the companies, which are after all 300km apart, and which areas can both companies cover together for potential customers in Germany?

With our own fleet of 3 trucks 7.5 to. and a 3.5 to. Suitcase truck with tail lift and an external forwarding company that has been handling transport orders for us for years. The areas are Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse.


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